Developing a successful Career

In this introductory post, I will take us through a three step process of building a successful career. Career development is a lifelong process of managing ones life through learning (education, training, skill acquisition, etc) and working. One’s career can be deemed successful when he/she attains his desired height and earns his desired income to live a comfortable life. This aspect depends on individual’s vision. For one to achieve success, he/she should master the following and apply the knowledge at each step as he/she climbs the ladder.


  1. Build your Potential

    Every career has a skillset, it is therefore important for anyone who wishes to attend the peak of the success ladder to invest in him/herself. Investing in oneself include: developing ones skills, improving on those skills as time demands, and disciplining oneself to achieve specified results. As an analogy, someone who invests 60 minutes per day on improving on his skills will be more efficient than someone who hardly improves himself. Successful people develop a system or plan that helps them build on their skills to become better than their contemporaries. For every career one chooses in life, their have been people who are successful and others who fail. It is therefore pertinent for one to study the list of successful and unsuccessful people in their chosen career depending on ones career objective; after which he/she should do a skill assessment of himself/herself and answer the following questions or similar questions as:

    • Do I have the necessary skills to succeed?
    • What new things must I learn per week to reach my goal?
    • Which of my skills are obsolete and needs improvement?
    • Which habits and beliefs are negating my success and which ones are contributing to my success?
    • Who can be of help to my achieving my set goals? A clear understanding and application of the answers to the above will help anyone attain success in his/her chosen career.
  2. Build a Relationship between your Skills and Earning

    Success comes in the form of money or fame, though both are complementary. Money is a means of exchange for an idea. An idea could be a product or a service. When one builds an efficient skill, his/her skills are converted to an idea which solves someones problem; in return for the solution, the person pays a compensation in the form of money to the owner of the idea. Whether your idea creates a product or service, it is important for you to build a relationship between your skill and money. For you to successfully do this, you have to answer the following questions:

    • What problems does my skills solve?
    • How many people have these problems and how do I locate them?
    • How much money will they be willing to exchange for my solution?
    • How much do other people who provide similar solutions collect?
    • Is the amount offered worth my value? Anyone who is able to provide answers to the above questions would have built a strong relationship between his/her skills and earnings.
  3. Build a consistent Value of Yourself

    It is important to note that how much you earn is dependent on how much you value yourself. What you are paid is a reflection of your internal financial plan which usually reflects as your external financial stand. How desperate are you to get that job or contract? If you value yourself less than your client can pay for the solution you provide, you are undervaluing yourself, and vice versa. Ones worth is a reflection of his/her self esteem which is reflected in ones subconscious mind and is reflected in ones understanding of how good his skills are and its benefits to his/her clients. To build a consistent value of yourself:

    • Understand your self esteem, if it is low, work at improving your self esteem
    • Understand the value of the solution your skills are providing to your clients
    • Segment your clients base on their income level
    • Display mastery and professionalism in the solutions you are providing.

If you can follow the above steps diligently, you will achieve your desired career success, no matter the field of endeavour.

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