Our line of products include:

  • Fresh maize
  • Dry maize
  • Cassava tuber
  • Garri

We also help you build capacity for your business and career in the following ways:

  1. Packaged Service: We can package and deliver your preferred service in business and career development functional areas such as: management, finance, operations, marketing & human resources, for a fee. Some products in this category  include: Business modeling, business plan, Cash flow analysis, digital marketing, website designing, etc.
  2. Mentoring and Coaching: We also undertake face to face, on-the-job mentoring and coaching service for a specified period of time.
  3. Training: We offer online and offline training service to our clients, as the case may be, based on agreed modules or agreed time interval.
  4. Speech Delivery: We can be invited to deliver speech, discuss or teach a particular topic to a  given audience, including Christian gathering, students, undergraduates, etc.
  5. Milestone: We can also be consulted to work together with our client at developing a particular programme, model, strategy, plan, etc depending on the specified goal. If this product is chosen, then we shall work with the client for an hourly or weekly or monthly fee until the goal is attained. Also, payment can be based on milestones reached.

Contact us today and tell us your need, we shall figure out how best to help you. To request for any of the above listed products, go to our contact page and fill the form by specifying the product you want.